top 5 things to do in tokyo

vending machines in shinjuku

tokyo is an exciting place to visit. any city which has been reproduced prodigiously in movies or books can feel unreal to visit. it feels especially nostalgic of the early 2000s in harajuku (the fashion district) and akihabara (an electric town which sells anime and gaming paraphernalia). although these two districts are incredibly iconic, as someone that doesn’t consume anime or lolita/victorian/quirky fashion, they did not make it to my top 5.

harajuku station

still worth a visit for anyone interested in fashion

here are my favourite things to do when visiting the japanese capital.

5. visiting tokyo tower at sunset

the alternative would be tokyo sky tree which is in fact higher, but come-on, tokyo tower is just so iconic.

4. visit meiji jingu
3. senso-ji

visit the temple for a blessing or wander the streets around the temple for orange street and the neighbourhood asakusa
2. scai the bathhouse and the neighbouring area for quintessential japanese streets

scai houses contemporary art and the space itself is charming.
1. shinjuku gyoen

the gardens are especially buzzing during cherry blossom season but if you’re visiting in winter, the greenhouse will save you from the cold.

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