summer is over: how to take extra care of yourself in autumn/winter

the weather is changing. swapping tshirts for jumpers and salads for stews can be fun but no doubt that shorter days and the drop in temperature are depressing. this drop in energy levels is commonly known as SAD or seasonal effective disorder and as feelings of fatigue and sadness are more likely, its important to actively treat yourself against it. the cold weather can also weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to chest infections and the flu. wrapping up warm, sleeping enough and eating well will increase your chances of fighting SAD.

ensure you’re sleeping properly

i personally believe you need more sleep in winter. there’s less light and so my body just feels more tired in the afternoon and i definitely suffer from a drop in energy levels. having a consistent sleep schedule and some down time (no screens) before sleeping can help you to feel rested.

make an effort to be active and socialise

although its natural to want to stay inside all day, moving around and getting fresh air helps both physically and mentally. getting outside to see friends and family can be a great way to get through the winter.

focus on the good things that winter brings

hearty soups, the countdown to christmas, how effective hot baths are, or a mug of hot chocolate which warms the soul. you can curl up with a book next to the radiator and take pleasure in being cosy.

drink enough water and hydrate your skin

the skin dries up easier so it’s important to reapply the moisture in all forms. that means drinking more water, applying cream and a soft chapstick for dried lips.

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