an advantage of writing late into the night, is the sudden burst of inspiration. i’m convinced that the late night is apt to the creative process whereas the early morning suits routine and for those that want both, well i’m sorry to say that the day is only 24 hours long. i’ve always favoured the morning period but now that i’m in this unusual period of my life, ive shifted to become a night owl. the night is where the incessantly annoying voices/ideas cavort around my head. the night is when i feel the least civilised. the night is where i over romanticise my past. i recall memories in short, hypersensitive details rather than long, tiresome, dry realities. a suggestive smile, downcast eyes, shoulders tilted in the right direction. jaunty conversation. all which heralds where the night will end, but the charade is continued for the sake of excitement and out of respect that these things can be capricious. it almost feels like gambling. it’s more exciting that gambling. to sit and try my luck at passion which will dwindle by the morning dawn.

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