5 songs that i fell in love with this october

sometimes im lucky while rummaging through spotify’s radio. sometimes i discover a song or two to add to my playlist. this month, through pure serendipity, i scored five new songs.

5. in the mood for love – yumeji’s theme

a timeless classic from the wong kari movie of the same name, yumeji’s theme perfectly encapsulates the zeitgeist of hong kong in the 1960s and feelings of loneliness.

4. didn’t i – darondo

a funky and soulful ballad with a mellifluous falsetto. unfortunately darondo quit his music career in the early 1970s after three flopped singles though today he’s rated highly among enthusiast (including me).

3. zombizar – barney wilson

a fluid and intricate melody

2. the frog – the village callers

effortless mix of jazz, soul and latin percussion

1. if i’m in luck i might get picked up – betty davis

strong riff + davis’ beguiling voice = a bop. her sexual openness and boisterous lyrics make her a symbol still relevant for women today. dont we all wish we were as carefree and fierce as betty?

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