best things to do in shanghai

i miss shanghai but i’m also glad to be in london where i’m close to my family and friends. however, what is a shame is that i have a bunch of bars, restaurants and cafes that i used to frequent and now they’re 5700 miles away and i’ll probably never visit them again. if you’re in shanghai, please visit them for me. for reference, most of these places are in xuhui.

districts to visit:

the bund, xitandi, jingan, tianzhifang, people’s square, french former concession. i dont recommend visiting yu gardens (make a short trip to suzhou instead for gardens), but the area surrounding yu gardens is pretty.


power station of art, shanghai propaganda poster art centre, long museum west bund, the rockbund, fosun art foundation, rong zhai (prada gallery), shanghai gallery of art, shanghai museum, yuz museum, m50

the shanghai propaganda poster


beef and liberty, TRIBE, brut cake cafe or aka brut eatery, jardin de jade, yang’s dumplings, slurp! (one of the best places ive eaten, they serve yunnan food), daliahs, diner, alimentari & degusteria, homeslice, metal hands, RAC coffee, Al’s diners, maya (the location is abit weird, it’s like the second floor of an apartment clubhouse), bread etc, xime, palantines

dumplings at jardin de jade
brut’s cafe


dada, daliahs, sichuan citizen, le baron, kartel, elevator, arkham, the nest, all club

the bund at the night

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