Tips for travelling alone

Bring a book

Bringing a book will help you out if you’re on a bus, plane train, tram or car to pass time. But you can also use a book as a great way to chill in cafes, museums, parks and not feel overly self conscious of your solo travelling!

Book a walking tour

Walking tours are a great way to explore a city on foot but with a structured plan. Other bonuses such as bitesized lesson on the cities history, culture and an opportunity to meet a diverse group of people and socialise in the day time make it a great activity. A walking tour can be a great way to fill your day and go see landmarks not on your own if you want some tourist company.

See what exhibitions are on

Museums and exhibitions are perfect places to go on your own. You can spend a healthy amount of hours browsing art and filling your day. There’s never any rush in an art gallery.

Stay in a hotel

If you are an anxious person, staying in an airbnb can be nerve racking. A hotel should put your mind at ease or if you’re more extroverted, try a hostel where you can meet other backpackers.

Plan your days

You might think you can just walk out of your accommodation, discover some amazing place and meet some random new friend who wants to join all your travels. Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen. So instead I’d say plan your day best you can so then you’re not stood twiddling your thumbs thinking ‘what can I do next?’

Airbnb Experiences

While you might not be staying in an airbnb, I’d recommend having a browse of their experiences which are unique and present activities outside the box. The experiences are usually organised by local people and is a great way to meet new people and locals if your looking for a more authentic experience.

Plan walking itineraries

My top tip is always look up your journeys in advance. Screenshot routes and do more walking than travelling by public transport. Remember to pack some good walking shoes! Public transport can be expensive but also difficult to navigate. If you don’t have problems following your mobile GPS then I’d recommend to walk as much as possible and see more of the place you’re visiting.

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