Getting my groove back

I lost my groove these last few months. I’ve been barely planning anything and gently floated from one idea to another. At first i felt like i had lost control of my life but now i realise that i’m hanging on by a thread. This time last year i was drilled with good habits, you know the right nurtrition and exercise, a nearly-good work to life balane and a positive outlook on life. Now, my entire life rotates around my work and my office job means i spend most of my day on my butt.

Getting my groove could be proved ardrous. It takes 21 days to form a habit and I feel like I’m 31 days into the month so I need some solid schedule and advice. According to the professionals, the best way to hit my goals is to quanitfy them: Starting from tomorrow, i’m going to hold myself accountable to the below:

  1. reduce phone time to 2 hours
  2. walk 10 thousand steps
  3. spend my time on a meaningful project
  4. read a book per week.
  5. have one coffee free day per week
  6. schedule 1 stufy session and 1 work out session a week – this should be in the morning time as i’m the most productive in the morning

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