24 things i’ve learnt at 24

24 feels like an iconic age. It’s an age where I’m an adult and I have finances but I still feel like a massive child at heart. I can be selfish with my time AND I get to decide how much ice cream I’m allowed in the week (hint, up to 4 times a week in my third year of uni). I have no large, budernous responsibilities and that feels great

I feel like I’ve picked up some tiny pockets of wisdoms along the way.

  1. physical pleasures are worth the splurge i.e. electric toothbrush, hot showers with good water pressure
  2. having a good support network is CRUCIAL to mental health, maybe more so than drinking 2 litres of water a day
  3. but drink your water, definitely and vary your intake between room temperature water, boiling water, iced water and teas
  4. if you want to read more books, carry around a device with multiple, downloaded ebooks, switch between them depending on your mood
  5. night time = anxious and morning time = peaceful
  6. record your life in whatever format fits i.e. polaroids, journal, blog, cards, letters, videos
  7. On consumption – less is more and simple is less wasteful
  8. living in a country gives you a REAL sense of nation and connection to this nation (although it will still be an interpetation). Learning the native languge will unlock another level of understanding.
  9. be kind to everyone, always say kind things, give sincere compliments and do not pass judgement on others because it will bite you in the ass. judgemental remarks restrict the speaker more than the recipient
  10. spending money on other people makes you feel good and it even feels better than spending money on yourself
  11. travelling in one chunk is cheaper than many small trips, also less time is wasted
  12. when seeing friends, arranging to see them many times for a short period of time can be more meaningful then one, long, draining contact
  13. always put your 100% into everything you do as your actions do define you. similarly, sucess is just good habits and routine
  14. make friends with people cooler than you. pick the romantics, pick those that are passionate, pick kindness, pick those that are humble and honest to themselves. You will learn from your friends so make sure they are good people.
  15. happiness is kindness, happiness is satisfaction, happiness is gratitude,
  16. befriend people older than you to learn life lessons at an accelerated rate
  17. never let others define your self-worth and especially never let a boy treat you as anything less than extraordinary
  18. there’s always time and resources to work on yourself, ask yourself how you can be the best version of yourself
  19. protect your energy, be careful on who you give your time too, whether that’s in romantic realtionship or friendships. And trust your intuition when deciding on who makes the cut
  20. no one really cares what you do, they’re too busy paying attention to themselves, and if they do care, it’s probably because they love you.
  21. memento mori/amori fati – the inevitably of death is a freeing concept
  22. get a prenup
  23. absolutely nothing is worth your health or peace of mind, do not go for cheaper alternatives of foods/make up/alcohols
  24. one of the best things you can give someone is your undivided attention. the key to a sucessful marriage is also paying attention

jd fergusson

my god, let me have artists for friends – i mean people who feel, even if they’re grocers, coal-heavers, anything you like except people devoid of sense of time, colour and sound

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