FIFTEEN things we aspire to have

According to Tom Ford, the top 15 things every man should have are:

  1. A sense of humour
  2. A daily read of the newspaper
  3. A sport you are good at
  4. Tweezers
  5. A good signature cologne
  6. A well cut dark suit
  7. A pair of classic black lace up shoes
  8. A smart blazer
  9. A pair of dark denim jeans
  10. Lots of crisp white cotton shirts
  11. Always new socks and underwear
  12. A classic tuxedo
  13. A beautiful day watch
  14. The perfect sunglasses
  15. Perfect teeth – if you don’t, save up and get them fixed

Although I don’t believe in gendered etiquette, reading tom ford’s top 15 triggered an urge to write my own list. Here is an updated version of the fifteen things that everyone should have:

  1. Sense of humour
  2. Well looked after teeth
  3. Craft or sport you love
  4. Special dish you can cook up with ease
  5. Notebook or Journal
  6. Strong values
  7. Capsule wardrobe
  8. Sincerity
  9. Statement coat/blazer
  10. Signature scent
  11. Skin care routine
  12. Comfortable underwear or sweats (a seamless bra)
  13. A good camera to capture special memories
  14. A support network
  15. Perfect of sunglasses or eyewear that suits your face ship

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